M. Sa'adi A. Wadood

Attorney-At-Law | LL.M (London)

Mr. M. S. A. Wadood specializes in the areas of Civil & Commercial ...litigation and Arbitration since the year 1997 and holds a Master of Laws in Commercial and Corporate law from King’s College London. As a Board member of certain state owned corporations particularly at Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation and the Road Development Authority and other listed companies such as Lanka Hospitals PLC, Colombo Dockyard PLC and SMB Finance PLC he plays a pivotal role in strategic advising and streamlining good governance practices.

The extensive experience, unique dynamics and challenges of working with SMEs, multinational conglomerates, foreign investors and family businesses has afforded him a well-rounded understanding of the business landscape.

As the founder of Legacy Law Chambers, he envisioned a multifaceted approach to the legal domain for the benefit of a diverse clientele. His passion for amicable resolution and compromised out of court settlements paved the way for him to set up an in-house Mediation facility where he heads mediation pertaining to family businesses, matrimonial disputes, partnerships, child custody and other complex disputes.


Palitha Subasinghe

Attorney-At-Law | LL.M (Lon)

Palitha specialises in the area of civil ...and criminal litigation since the year 2005 and holds a Master of Laws in International Commercial Law from the University of London.

Palitha has been at Legacy Law Chambers since the very inception and plays a prominent role in civil and criminal litigation, particularly in white-collar crimes, police inquiries and other criminal related matters. He has extensive experience of over 18+ years in the field of litigation and alternative dispute resolution facilitating out of court settlements through negotiation, reconciliation and mediation. He is exceptionally equipped to tackle multifaceted cases.


Nimalie Kariawasam

Attorney-at-law | LL.M (Lon.), LL.B (Colombo) | Notary Public | Commissioner for oaths | Company Secretary

Nimalie specialises in the areas of Corporate Law,... Labour Law, Commercial Law and legal research since the year 2007 and holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Colombo & Master of Laws in Commercial Law & Arbitration from University of West London.

She is a Harvard trained Mediator and also holds an Executive Diploma in Employment Relations from Employers’ Federation of Ceylon offered in partnership with International Training Centre (ITC) of the International Labour Organization (ILO).


Maryam Nilam

Attorney-at-law | LL.B (Lon.) | Notary Public | Commissioner for oaths

Maryam holds a Bachelor of Laws from ... from the University of London. She was also an integral part of the compliance arm of a leading stockbroking firm and served as a junior associate at the Corporate Department of a leading law firm in Sri Lanka.

She specialises in Corporate and Commercial Law, Real Estate Law and dispute resolution. She has experience in corporate advisory, due diligence, contract and opinion drafting, including conducting of legal due diligences. She advises clients on matters relating to property conveyance, family business restructuring, and foreign direct investments.


Farhath Hussain

Attorney-at-law | LL.B (Lon.) | Notary Public | Company Secretary | Intellectual Property Agent | Commissioner for oaths


Farhath holds a Bachelor of Laws from ...the University of London. Her experience included working in the legal arm of a multinational apparel company, listed conglomerate and leading law firms including a top tier law firm in the UK. Her services have also extended to the legal compliance of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to several corporate entities.

Farhath specializes in Corporate & Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Real Estate Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution. With extensive experience and expertise in advising and supporting stakeholders across the corporate framework and family business restructure, her skills include conducting legal due diligence, mergers & acquisitions, joint venture, drafting & reviewing a wide array of commercial agreements and negotiations relating to cross-border transactions.


Hashane Mallawarachchi

Attorney-at-law | LL.B (Lon.) | MHR (Colombo)

Hashane holds a Bachelor of Laws from ...the University of London and Masters of Human Rights from the University of Colombo. He is an attorney with 5+ years of experience and a strong background in Civil Law, Commercial Law, Labour Law and Arbitration.

Hashane is a dedicated and highly motivated legal professional with a passion for justice and a proven track record in providing top-notch legal services. He is also known for research, communication, and negotiation skills and has successfully represented clients in numerous cases delivering favourable outcomes.


Dulmini Liyanage

Attorney-at-law | LL.B (Lon.) | Notary Public | Commissioner for oaths

Dulmini holds a Bachelor of Laws from ... the University of London and Diploma in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology from the University of Sri Jayawardanapura. She is currently reading for her Masters of Laws in International Business, specialized in Employment and Human Resource Management at the University of Cardiff Metropolitan.

Dulmini specializes in the areas of Civil Litigation and Conveyancing. She represents clients in numerous complex cases delivering successful outcomes.


Jerome Senanayake

Attorney-at-law | LL.B (Sri Lanka) | Notary Public | Company Secretary | Commissioner for oaths

Jerome holds a Bachelor of Laws ...and Masters of Development Studies from the Open University of Sri Lanka. He was awarded a fellowship by Rotary International, USA to follow ‘Peace and Conflict’ programme at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. He is presently a visiting lecturer in law at the Open University of Sri Lanka and a corporate trainer in Business English Communications.

Jerome specializes in the area of civil litigation and conveyancing. He represents both local and multinational companies including individuals in challenging cases.


Gihan Rathnayaka

Attorney-at-law | Commissioner for oaths

Gihan holds a Diploma in International Trade ... and Diploma in Credit Management at the Institute of Bankers in Sri Lanka (IBSL). He was formerly a Corporate Banker in several licensed commercial banks of Sri Lanka for nearly 15 years.

Gihan practices in the field of civil litigation and specializes in the areas of alternative dispute resolution, Banking Law, Shipping Law, Property Law and Commercial Law. His extensive experience in the banking sector enables him to adopt a holistic approach when providing legal solutions to clients.


Nafath Nazeeh

Attorney-at-law | LL.B (Wolverhampton) | Commissioner for oaths

Nafath holds a Bachelors in Law from ...the University of Wolverhampton. Having worked in top-tier law firms, his experience includes company secretarial related functions, negotiating, drafting & reviewing commercial agreements, conducting due diligence, mergers and acquisitions.

Nafath practices in the field of civil and commercial litigation and specializes in the areas of Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Law of Trust and Labour law. He is a reliable and accomplished legal professional dedicated to achieving favourable outcomes for his clients.


Legacy Law Chambers traces its roots to the year 2005 when Mr. M. S. A. Wadood, the Head of Chambers, first set up his practice focusing on Litigation, with a small team of lawyers. Over the years, the Chambers expanded into many areas of practice primarily focusing on Mediation as an effective mode of alternative dispute resolution whilst specialising in other diverse areas of the law including Commercial and Civil litigation, Arbitration, Commercial and Corporate Advisory, Foreign Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions, Employment and Labour.

One of our key strengths has been in advising and guiding family businesses to suit specific preferences whilst preserving the traditions of the family with a view to provide them with bespoke holistic legal services.

We ensure to adopt a business approach to our legal services paving the way for strategic investment opportunities amidst any economic challenges.