Stemming from extensive experience in the legal domain, our services cover many facets of the legal industry. We have successfully been able to provide value-driven solutions to clients in a global level leveraging technology and the expertise offered by our attorneys.


We are dedicated to assisting clients in negotiation, reviewing and drafting a wide array of commercial contracts including manufacturing, services, joint development, software, licensing, distributorship, confidentiality, research and development implementing best commercial practices. We also specialize in guiding clients within the digital sector by advising them on the importance and implementation of measures relating to data protection laws and drafting terms of use whilst safeguarding and commercializing proprietary data and intellectual property.


This department comprises of highly qualified professionals equipped with sufficient technical and legal knowledge and expertise in various fields of business transactions. We provide timely effective legal services in relation to Business & Commercial Law, including asset purchase, capital markets, drafting of contracts, due diligence, joint venture, liquidation & winding up, banking, corporate finance, corporate disputes and restructuring. Through this department, Legacy Law Chambers has developed a strong presence and large local and international client base and we have represented our clients in numerous negotiations, either to conclude a business transaction or to avoid escalating the dispute to third party ruling.

Our experienced team of lawyers specialize in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) in the field of apparel, information technology, energy and construction. We undertake due diligence exercises including drafting of share sale and purchase agreements and shareholder agreements in compliance with regulatory framework. In addition to focusing on the legal aspect of the transaction, we adopt a pragmatic approach to help our clients achieve their goals in various sectors of the industry today.


This department is led by our Head of Chambers; Mr. M. S. A. Wadood who is well experienced in the advocacy skills you require for a successful mediation. We specialise and provide mediation services for Divorce and Child Custody, Family Disputes, Civil Claims, Business Disputes and Commercial Disputes. We primarily promote amicable dispute settlement through negotiation, reconciliation and mediation and we have been successful in overcoming differences between business partners and other stakeholders avoiding prolonged litigation procedures. We assist clients in understanding their problems, issues and encourage a compromised reasonable settlement whilst protecting any confidential and sensitive information.

Mr. M. S. A. Wadood’s passion for bespoke settlements led him to set up an in-house Mediation facility to resolve complex disputes, which has immensely proved to be both cost and time effective.


This department comprises a number of well qualified litigators who have won, and continue to win major disputes and complex Civil and Commercial Litigation cases for multinational clients including Criminal Litigation. This team of experts possess sufficient knowledge and experience to represent our clients before any competent court of law in Sri Lanka in several fields such as Corporate, Commercial, Labour, Administrative, Debt Recovery, Intellectual Property and Criminal cases.

We also handle some of the most complex, high-value and strategically driven Arbitrations working closely with our clients to determine and achieve their commercial objectives in a quick and cost-effective manner. We advise on all aspects of Arbitration, from drafting suitable clauses to advising on the rules, type and seat of Arbitration, the formation of a tribunal, arbitral procedure and enforcement of the award. We ensure to employ innovative and practical strategies, working tirelessly to meet our clients' legal requirements. Our priority is maintaining a close and collaborative relationship with our clients to ensure their complete satisfaction.


This department has extensive experience in representing clients before Labour Tribunals, various government institutions and any competent court of law across Sri Lanka. Our legal professionals have the necessary skill and expertise to advise clients on the importance of human resource management, customized ESOP initiatives and roll out, disciplinary proceedings and exit interviews. We specialize in managing and resolving intricate employee disputes relating to EPF, ETF, gratuity and workmen’s compensation. Further, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in drafting letters of appointment, employment contracts, employee policies & code of conduct, independent contractor and consultancy agreements. We play a significant role in mitigating risks in relation to any unauthorized disclosure of confidential information, know-how and intellectual property of our clients by drafting stringent non-disclosure agreements and facilitating the enforcement of non-compete provisions if required.


We are uniquely positioned to assist and restructure large family owned businesses to enable a dispute free smooth inheritance whilst navigating the constantly evolving landscape of Business Law. We have a track record in resolving both family and corporate disputes. We also provide advice and guide families on restructuring, developing family ownership contracts, family constitution, establishing trusts with the view of optimizing the family's business interests. We offer dispute resolution services that seek to achieve favourable outcomes with minimal disruption to the family business.


Legacy Law Chambers is your trusted partner in facilitating and advising cross-border transactions and investments into Sri Lanka. We offer comprehensive support and guidance to foreign clients looking to route foreign investments into Sri Lanka whilst upholding their interests in business property and joint venture arrangements. In addition to providing legal opinions, we negotiate, draft and review all necessary agreements including bank related documentation procedure ensuring a smooth and successful business experience for our foreign clients.


We specialize in both contentious and non-contentious Intellectual Property relating to the establishment and protection of intellectual creations such as inventions, designs, brands, artwork, music and literature. We are dedicated to convert our client’s ideas into assets and counsel, protect and enforce their Intellectual Property rights. We serve a diverse global clientele stemming from various industries by handling their intricate IP Litigation and registration of trademark, patent and industrial design in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). We also represent clients in the National Intellectual Property Office of Sri Lanka (NIPO) inquiries ensuring a successful outcome with the aim of creating economic and social benefits for our clients. We play a variety of critical roles for a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from tech start-ups to multinational conglomerates and pharmaceutical giants, helping them identify, protect and commercialize their valuable Intellectual Property rights.


Legacy Law Chambers excels in handling a wide range of real estate and conveyancing transactions for both individuals and entities. Our comprehensive services encompass property due diligence exercises covering freehold and leasehold properties, title searches & reports, land acquisitions, transfers, mortgage bonds, gifts, leases and condominium projects. We assist our clients in planning their estate ensuring that their assets and private wealth are distributed according to their wishes whilst providing advice on the relevant laws and regulations.


This department advises a wide range of issues such as domestic violence, child custody and maintenance, adoption, marriage breakdown settlements, and issues relating to matrimonial property based on the relevant laws such as Kandyan, Thesawalamai and Muslim Law. Keeping in mind the sensitive and highly personal nature of these conflicts we assist our clients in navigating the complexities of intricate emotions and relationships involved to ensure that their rights and interests are protected by adopting a nuanced legal approach.

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